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Early Lapita subsistence: Evidence from Kamgot, Anir

by Mark Horrocks last modified 2018-05-13 01:20 PM

Summerhayes GR, Szabo K, Leavesley M, Fairbairn A, Horrocks M, McPherson S, Crowther A, Gaffney, D. In press. In: Bedford S, Spriggs M (eds) Debating Lapita: Chronology, society and subsistence. Canberra, Terra Australis.


Over several decades there has been much discussion of the nature of Early Lapita subsistence,and in particular whether domesticated animals and horticulture were central components or whether initial Lapita subsistence strategies relied primarily upon marine resources. Here, we assess the evidence for subsistence during the earlier phases of occupation at Kamgot and particularly through the lens of terrestrial versus marine inputs.

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