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Fine resolution palynology of Erua Swamp, central North Island, New Zealand, since the Taupo Tephra eruption of c. 1718 BP

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Horrocks M, Ogden J. 1998. New Zealand Journal of Botany 36, 285-293.


Fine resolution pollen analysis of a core from Erua Swamp shows that prior to the Taupo eruption of c. 1718 B.P., the site bore a dryland vegetation type on river flats. Patchy Nothofagus/Phyllocladus forest on the flats was destroyed by the eruption and replaced by Gleichenia-restionad swamp vegetation with abundant Halocarpus. Regional forest during the period from after the eruption to c. 650-560 B.P. was mixed podocarp, dominated by Dacrydium cupressinum and Prumnopitys taxifolia. A period of widespread and sustained anthropogenic destruction by fire of forest commenced c. 650-560 B.P.


Palynology, late Holocene, volcanism, Taupo Tephra eruption, disturbance, Tongariro.

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