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A discontinuous Late Cenozoic vegetation record from a maar in Auckland, New Zealand

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Horrocks M, Nichol SL, Mildenhall DC, Lawlor I. 2007. New Zealand Geographer 63, 5-17.


Presented here are results of analyses of sediments from a maar crater at Matukutureia, south Auckland. The lower, tuff section of the profile (3-7 million years old) has pollen of numerous extinct taxa and suggests broad-leaf beech (Brassospora) forest with Casuarina and Agathis, and warm temperate conditions. A date of 15 051 ± 80 14C yr BP from the base of the overlying peat provides a minimum date for the eruption of McLauchlins Hill volcano. We cannot determine the timing of early Polynesian activities.


Extinct pollen, Late Cenozoic, New Zealand, volcanism.

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